Super Hero Redesigns dresdencodak:
Seeing as how I’ve done both the top ten for best and worst superhero costume redesigns, I feel obligated to put my money where my artistic mouth is and take a stab at fixing or updating some of these costumes. I’ll be taking a similar approach to my earlier take on Batman &…

Oxboxer: 5 Essential Superhero Redesigns! Anúncios

Fucking look at it and fucking learn, motherfucker. laurennmcc: I just keep looking at this over and over again, like I need it. I am probably going to buy the print, and hang it 3 inches away from my face. BELIEVE IN YOUR FUCKING SELF.

252 – Ricardo, o Unicórnio. (via Bufas Danadas)

  Eu não gosto de cavalos. Eu morro de medo de cavalos. Por isso sempre foi meio irônico eu me chamar Felipe, que significa "aquele que curte uns cavalo". Mas pelo tanto de tiras relacionadas a equinos que eu tenho, eu acho que eu até curto eles, sim.   Mas ainda tenho medo. … Read…

Eu gosto mesmo de ver gente desenhando drawnblog: Red Hook – a film about Tommy Kane (by DannyGregory) A nice little film if, like me, you like to watch artists while they work. (Source:

Pretty! theartofanimation: Jason Chalker